WM Jed Puerto – Inaugural Address

WM Jed Puerto – Inaugural Address




Named after Quezon City where it is located. The creation of Quezon City was the consuming dream of President Manuel L. Quezon. He picked the site of the city and did the entire spade work leading to its establishment.

Inaugural Address during the 69th Public Installation of Officers

Inaugural Address during the 69th Public Installation of Officers

Quezon City Lodge No. 122

Eduardo T. Puerto Jr.

Worshipful Master, Masonic Year 2017


Destiny Makes Us Masons. Practice universal benevolence and brotherly love. No one goes his way alone.

Right Worshipful Abraham N. Tolentino, Deputy Grand Master, Most Worshipful Santiago T. Gabionza, Centennial Grand Master, Very Worshipful Benito G. Se Jr., District Deputy Grand Master of Masonic District NCR-E, Very Worshipful Arthur Allan Ponce, Very Worshipful Rodrigo Macatangay, District Grand Lecturers, Worshipful Inspector Allan Alcantara, Grand Lodge Inspector. Very Worshipful sirs on the floor, Worshipful sirs, Brethren, Families and Friends. To my wife, good afternoon.

Today, we embark on another momentous event. Public Installation of Officers is an avenue for Freemasons to showcase how we conduct meetings. This is also the time for the harmonious transition of authority from one Mason to another. As I now hold this very prestigious position, it excites me to be of service to my brethren. The Past Masters of our lodge had done a very wonderful job in ensuring unity in our lodge and keeping our traditions intact. I know it’s a petrifying responsibility and it will be a hard task to follow their footsteps but I know that if I can accomplish even half of what they have done, I will be able to fulfil my task well.

I started knocking the doors of Freemasonry at a very young age. If I remember it correctly, at 23, I was even the youngest petitioner at that time. Obviously, I quickly became the center of mockery. Some would say “Pinabili ka lang yata ng suka ng nanay mo, nagmamason ka na”. Others would even add “Baka naman Demolay ang pinapasukan mo at hindi Mason”. So, from that moment, I said to myself, I will persevere and prove my worth. Fortunately, I was able to convince the brethren so I was accepted, initiated, passed and raised as a Master Mason in 2009. I promised to be extraordinary, to be active in the lodge activities, volunteering in any open position that can be given to me. My voice should be heard and my actions be recognized.

Eventually, I was then appointed to be a Junior Steward, Junior Deacon and Senior Deacon before I was elected to be Junior Warden. Now, here I am, your Worshipful Master, your brother.

Becoming a Worshipful Master was just a fantasy of mine. I never thought this day would come sooner than expected. Being the youngest Worshipful Master of our lodge, some would say I’m a little unorthodox in my ways but still, the brethren placed their unanimous trust in me and for that, I am forever grateful.

Human nature dictates that all of us are hard-wired to look out for each other. This is applicable more so in Freemasonry. There’s an innate solicitude among the brethren to their fellow Masons. For this Masonic Year, I will present projects, which I have been planning for a few years now, that would enrich ourselves as Mason men. We will make sure to account for each and every member of our lodge. Let us focus not only on the betterment of the brethren, but on the welfare of the “family”, as a whole. To provide assistance if necessary or just be there for support in times of need. I have already tasked our Brother Senior Warden to ascertain the whereabouts of those brothers who’ve been missing our meetings for quite some time now. I have also directed our Brother Junior Warden to come up with plans and activities that we can venture for the enjoyment of the brethren. These projects and activities will and should encompass to our wives, sons and daughters as well.

As you have witnessed during our Public Installation of Officers, we made sure that the Masonic Families are involved. Tony Se represented the International Order for Rainbow for Girls when she delivered the IORG’s version of Salute to the Flag. The International Order of Demolay is also well represented today and of course, my wife, who sang a very wonderful piece during my Obligation and who embodies the Ladies Circle of Quezon City Lodge 122.

Brethren, family and friends, I’m truly happy to see all of you here today. Despite your busy schedules, you managed to celebrate this day with us. It really warms my heart to see the love and support you are showing to our lodge.

With that, I want to invite you brothers, especially the younger ones, to participate, to volunteer, to let your voices be heard and your actions resonate through the lodge. If a young man like me can do it, more so can you. We are fortunate that we have all our Past Masters who are, and will be willing to guide and support us on our Masonic journey.

Let us continue to challenge and develop ourselves. Our lodge is famous to be one of the most proficient. Let us maintain that glory. To the Marshall, Deacons and Stewards, I challenge you to be not just good, but be the best in our entire jurisdiction. Become the most skilled Marshall, be the most proficient Junior and Senior Deacons, and be the most notable Junior and Senior Stewards. This holds the same to the other officers and all the members of our lodge; be the best Master Mason of Quezon City Lodge No. 122.

In closing, I would like to invite you to join me – to rally with me. No leader will be successful unless he has the support of the people he has sworn to lead. Let us dedicate this year to cultivate our “family”. For our sons and daughters, may they look up to us with astonishment as they say, “Ah Dad ko yan!”. For our wives, may they be assured of the protector, provider and gentleman in us, as to what a Masonic man should be. For the glory of our Mother Lodge, let us make her proud and become men worthy to be called a Mason.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and enjoy the rest of the day. Thank you